About Us

Founded by two northwest guys who pride themselves in exceptional customer service and a dream to make a difference. Rose City Vapors was inspired by a healthier lifestyle, a dedication to community, friends, and loving life! Not only do we want to see the number of tobacco and smoke related deaths decrease with the help of Vapor pens, we want to bring people together. It's all about fellowship, community, rituals, and simply enjoying life without the threat of cancerous diseases cutting that time short.

Based out of Portland, OR, Rose City Vapors is an online shopping store providing Vapor pens, E-Juice and accessories for those all over the United States. We offer shipping  throughout the US. We are here to satisfy the needs of America’s Vaping community!


10604 NE Sandy BLVD

Portland, OR 97202        


Our Mission:

To make the world a healthier place, one puff at a time.  

Live long and Vape on!