Vape Basics

Vape Basics

Vaping is the act of inhaling liquid vapors through a vaporizer pen also known as E-Cigarettes, electric Hookah, or Mods. The use of a vaporizer eliminates the 4000 chemicals and carcinogenic compounds found in traditional cigarettes, while still satisfying the oral craving that smoking presents. The E-Juice used with vaporizers is available in different levels of nicotine strength including zero. (See below for more information on our E-Juice)

While quitting smoking is 100% the best answer to reduce your health risk, we understand how very difficult that can be and RCV is here to help! Being that Vaping is still so new there are many unanswered questions around its safety but more, and more studies are showing that it has no evidence of being carcinogenic. You can rest assured that this is a much safer alternative than traditional cigarettes.

Why Vape?

  • Healthier option because vapor pens don’t heat up to the point of combustion
  • No more huddling up in the cold to indulge
  • Much cheaper than cigarettes
  • Eliminate second hand smoke
  • Satisfy an oral fixation directly related to the urge to smoke

Choosing the right E-Juice

All of our E-Liquid products are made the in USA with "USP Grade, Kosher grade" materials. All of the E-Juice sold on RCV consists of a 50% Propylene Glycol and 50% Vegetable Glycerin mix with a 20% flavor ratio. The nicotine we use is 99.9% pure, pharmaceutical grade, and the “best pure nicotine you can find in the world” to make a safe and tasty E-Liquid. 

The idea of using E-cigarettes brings about lots of questions, mostly around how do these relate to traditional cigarettes in terms of the amount of nicotine they deliver. Fret not. Listed below, there is information that will give you an idea of what the right nicotine strength is for you. Unlike traditional cigarettes, e-cigs give you the option of reducing or increasing the amount of nicotine per milligram so it can very easily be adjusted to your liking. 

When it comes to the numbers of nicotine strength, people want to know what the difference between the strengths means: simply put it is how much nicotine in milligrams per each milliliter of E-Juice.

EX: 24mg = 24 milligrams per milliliter.

You will find that most tobacco companies will express their nicotine as a percent per solution, which will look like 1.2% versus 24mg/ml.

*This is good to know if you are trying to “match” the same level of nicotine as your current cigarette.

 Nicotine level chart:


10ml bottle @ 24mg/ml = 240mg of nicotine in the entire bottle

20ml bottle @ 24mg/ml = 480mg of nicotine in the entire bottle

This is the same for all strengths and sizes, simply multiply your nicotine strength by the size of the bottle.

Typically there are about 20 drops of E-Juice per milliliter which means that there is 1.2mg of nicotine per drop in a 24mg/ml bottle. [24mg/20 drops]

0mg/mL– Just E-Juice for those that like Hookah or just a flavorful Vape. This is also a great option for those that are still craving the oral fixation and ritual that smoking provides.

6mg/mL– This is the lowest level of nicotine available through RCV. This is perfect for those who prefer a light, yet fulfilling buzz with a full E-Juice flavor. Often, this is the last level chosen when “stepping” down off nicotine.

12mg/mL– A common selection for those that want to enjoy a nice nicotine buzz comparable to a light cigarette.

18mg/ml– Recommended for those that are former smokers and looking to receive the same satisfying feeling of your favorite cigarette.

24mg/ml– This level of nicotine is for those who smoke, or used to smoke, about a pack of cigarettes per day. On the high side of nicotine levels the 24mg packs a punch.

32mg/ml– Intended for those with a serious nicotine addiction of 2 or more packs of cigarettes per day. This is the highest level of nicotine offered by Rose City Vapors.

Bare in mind while nicotine has shown no studies to be carcinogenic, it is highly addictive.

The products that contain nicotine on this website are NOT intended for minors or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Those who are sensitive to nicotine and/or have heart conditions should consult a doctor prior to use of any products containing nicotine including E-cigarettes.