YoCan Torch

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The Yocan Torch Portable eNail is a perfectly portable domeless dab machine that rips! This enail features a dual quartz coil for perfect power. The battery heats the nail in 15 seconds! A fully charged battery delivers up to 45 puffs for all-day use!

The Torch eNail fits 14mm and 19mm male & female joints, so it can be used with most water pipes with glass-on-glass connections. An airflow button allows you to quickly clear a large amount of vapor. The airflow tube and glass tube are interchangeable depending on your dabbing preference. Temperature range is 482F-536F.

 Each kit contains:


      • Yocan Torch (Rechargeable battery included)
      • 2 Dual quartz coils (1 pre-installed)
      •  A glass dome
      • Stainless steel dab tool
      • USB charge cable
      • An instruction manual